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Frequently Asked Questions

The Dominion Exam™ FAQ

Q. What is the difference between a Dominion Exam and a normal medical exam?

A. The Dominion Exam™ is an advanced medical screening exam that focuses on early disease detection and prevention. It is specifically designed to identify health issues that do not currently exhibit symptoms but may develop into health risks in the future.

The Dominion Exam™ combines outstanding clinical expertise with state-of-the-art technology to provide you with a complete assessment of your health.

Q. Who Should Have the Exam?

A. The Dominion Exam™ is intended for individuals who take their health seriously and want to take a proactive approach to managing their health. The exam is the ultimate tool in preventative health maintenance and early disease detection.

Q. How much does the Dominion Exam™ cost?

A. Call or email us for detailed pricing information.

Q. Can you bill my company?

A. Yes.  Third party billing can be set up and all costs can be forwarded to your company.

Q. Is the exam covered by Alberta Health and Wellness?

A. No. Because the exam is an advanced health screening exam, AHW considers it not medically necessary. Therefore, the service is uninsured and must be paid for on a fee-for-service basis.

Q. Is this private medicine?

A. No. This is not private medicine. This service is in full compliance with the Canada Health Act. Like Drivers’ Medicals and many other elective procedures, this service is considered not medically necessary by the government and is therefore not covered by provincial health insurance plans.

Q. How quickly can my Dominion  Exam™ be scheduled?

A. Generally we book two to three weeks out to ensure all pre-exam testing is completed prior to your appointment.

Q. Who performs the exam?

A. All exams are performed only by Senior Physicians on our staff.

Q. How long does a Dominion Exam™ take?

A. The exam itself takes two hours. If the physician determines that you require imaging (CT, MRI etc.) we can arrange this either immediately after the exam or, if it is more convenient for you, on another day. Please allow an extra ninety minutes if imaging is required.

Q. Will I need to spend time waiting to see the doctor?

A. No, every examination is carefully planned to eliminate any waiting on your part. 

Q. I always feel rushed when I see a doctor, Will I be rushed during my exam?

A. The pace of the exam is such that you will never feel rushed or dismissed by the physician. Depending on your health you will spend up to 90 minutes with the physician.

Q. What if I have current medical problems?

A. You should document all current health issues in your Health and Lifestyle Assessment form so that the physician has an understanding of your issues.

Q. Should I bring in medical files?

A. In the preparation package we send out, Lifestyle and Medical History forms are provided for you.  The doctor uses these forms to assist in the assessment of your health.

Q. Should I have a Dominion Exam™ done every year?

A. Yes, most people should schedule an annual screening examination.  Doing so allows you to properly track your progress and build on past successes, or if needed, assists you to identify obstacles to success.

Q. What if I already have a family doctor?

A. It is our intention that the Dominion Exam™ will compliment regular care from your family physician. If you wish a copy of all test results will be sent to your doctor.  If you do not have a family physician it would be our privilege to provide you and your family with ongoing care at one of our family practice clinics.