Dominion Medical Centres
Dominion Health Centres, Edmonton, alberta

Express Rx™

You have a busy schedule and time is important to you. We respect that fact. As such, all of our physicians will prescribe enough medication to last until your next scheduled office visit.

Nevertheless, you may have a situation where you need a refill for a prescription but don’t need a visit with your doctor.  Perhaps you simply do not have time to come in and need a short term refill of medication on which you have been stable.

In response to your requests, we are pleased to introduce the Dominion Express Rx™ telephone refill service exclusively for patients of Dominion Medical Centres.

With that said, please recognize that certain medications require routine follow up and testing. This is particularly true when you have been diagnosed with a new or unstable medical problem, prescribed a new medication, or if the dose of an old medication has been adjusted. We will not sacrifice your safety for your convenience.

Please be advised that your physician reserves the right to refuse your request if it is not felt to be in the best interest of your health.

Simply call 436-MEDS (436-6337) or 436-0020 ext 5. Follow the instructions until prompted to leave an Express Rx™ message.

You will be required to state:

  • Your full name and Dominion Card ™ number.
  • Your physician’s name.
  • The name, location, and phone number of your pharmacy.
  • Medication(s) name(s).
  • Medication(s) dose(s) (e.g. 150mg).
  • Quantity required (months).

This is an uninsured medical service. As such, there will be a fee of $20 for each call to your pharmacy.

That’s it. Your prescription will be phoned in to your pharmacy, you will be notified from our office that it has been completed, and you will receive an invoice in the mail.